Visit to CMC

CMC the Christian Medical College Vellore is center of medical care and services with a touch of humanity. Though the rush of out door patients and people's expectation make the medical team stretched to the limit still the humble behavior and determination to give professional best output make the visitors smile and give their blessings. Truthfulness and devotion has kept them apart from rest of the hospitals in India. I was here at CMC for a week for my routine check up. I had the opportunity to meet few patients coming from all parts of India, Bangladesh with critical condition and they are here due to the faith of getting best treatment at CMC Vellore. I will further continue writing my experience about visit to CMC on reaching back to my home Wish all you the best. Bye

Reality of Practical Impletation of ML Projects

After completing two initial ML courses, which I did reasonably comfortably, I wanted to make a very basic project my self based on what I learnt. I experienced that there are a number of problems like set up data, enviroment creation etc is required to be solved, which are readily available for exercises to be completed in such tutorials which I comleted. So it is utmost important to be able to create basic set up and environment creation other than data preparation for the project you are working on. Data preparation is making digital representation of your project in np array. If you are building an image compression project, you have to convert your png or jpg image into matrix of intensities of pixels etc. and than converting them in to required formats. Some of the imported libraries do not work at all as I am unable to run run_kMeans() So I am stuck up here and decided to first practice those small things before attempting to take on the third course. I am enjoying the course content. I feel I will enjoy more if I practice the basics to get more clearer ideas about what's happening under the hood. I quote Prof Andrew Ng "It is completely fine to start small, and use that to learn and continue to grow! " I am taking a break for 15-20 days for my neurological checkup in hospital. Then I will get back to the ML and share my learning experience. Until next week BYE!

बंजारानामा / नज़ीर अकबराबादी

I liked a snippet from "BANJARANAMA" by Nazir (written way back in late 18th century) this week and wanted to share it with you. In a simple way he describes the futility of worldly material gain . I believe many of us have an untold story, sweet or bitter, sharing gives comfort and joy. (टुक हिर्सो-हवस= लालच, क़ज़्ज़ाक़ = डाकू, अजल= मौत, शुतर= ऊंट) टुक हिर्सो-हवस को छोड़ मियां, मत देस विदेश फिरे मारा। क़ज़्ज़ाक़ अजल का लूटे है, दिन रात बजाकर नक़्क़ारा। क्या बधिया, भैंसा, बैल, शुतर क्या गोने पल्ला सर भारा। क्या गेहूं, चावल, मोंठ, मटर, क्या आग, धुंआ और अंगारा। सब ठाठ पड़ा रह जावेगा, जब लाद चलेगा बंजारा॥1॥ गर तू है लक्खी बंजारा और खेप भी तेरी भारी है। ऐ ग़ाफ़िल, तुझ से भी चढ़ता एक और बड़ा व्यापारी है। क्या शक्कर, मिश्री, क़ंद, गरी, क्या सांभर मीठा खारी है। क्या दाख, मुनक़्क़ा सोंठ, मिरच, क्या केसर, लौंग, सुपारी है। सब ठाठ पड़ा रह जावेगा, जब लाद चलेगा बंजारा॥2॥ तू बधिया लादे बैल भरे, जो पूरब पश्चिम जावेगा। या सूद बढ़ाकर लावेगा, या टोटा घाटा पावेगा। क़ज़्ज़ाक अजल का रस्ते में जब भाला मार गिरावेगा। धन, दौलत, नाती पोता क्या, एक कुनबा काम न आवेगा। सब ठाठ पड़ा रह जावेगा, जब लाद चलेगा बंजारा॥3॥ हर मंजिल में अब साथ तेरे यह जितना डेरा डंडा है। ज़र दाम दिरम का भांडा है, बन्दूक सिपर और खाँड़ा है। जब नायक तन का निकल गया, जो मुल्कों मुल्कों हांडा है। फिर हांडा है न भांडा है, न हलवा है न मांडा है। सब ठाठ पड़ा रह जावेगा, जब लाद चलेगा बंजारा॥4॥ जब चलते-चलते रस्ते में यह गौन तेरी ढल जावेगी। एक बधिया तेरी मिट्टी पर, फिर घास न चरने आवेगी। यह खेप जो तूने लादी है, सब हिस्सों में बंट जावेगी। धी, पूत, जमाई, बेटा क्या, बंजारिन पास न आवेगी। सब ठाठ पड़ा रह जावेगा, जब लाद चलेगा बंजारा॥5॥ यह खेप भरे जो जाता है, यह खेप मियां मत गिन अपनी। अब कोई घड़ी, पल साअत में, यह खेप बदन की है कफ़नी। क्या थाल कटोरे चांदी के, क्या पीतल की डिबिया ढकनी। क्या बरतन सोने चांदी के, क्या मिट्टी की हंडिया चपनी। सब ठाठ पड़ा रह जावेगा, जब लाद चलेगा बंजारा॥6॥

Neural network

After completing my Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification I am now starting Neural Network from this week. I will try to make my personal notes on this site. I want to share the fact that, while taking up the course I realized that the mental agility and memory is reduced drastically. You can measure your ability when you are challenged. Working in public utility company in comfort of my office rendered me worthless. I have now found a new purpose of living but a bit late, I am at present in my late sixties. How ever I target to complete all the three courses of Prof Andrew Young including deep learning through coursera plateform. Earlier I completed part of the syllabus working with Octave (A kind similar to MatLab) which let me concentrate fully on the Machine Learning with less stress on coding, but later I found that Python is a must as mostly all practical problem is dealt using Python more over Python has great tools for data analysis like Pandas, Numpy, Mtplotlib, Scikit-learn etc. This led me to take up a course on Python (Python For Every body by Charles Severlence) and a youtube course of Corey Schafer on Python and Django. It induced in me a fresh interest towards Python including web scraping using RE tools. Let me see how far can I complete neural network. 29-8-2022 I could complete another 4 week course on advanced algorithm on neural network. I sincerely admit that completing the course is only knowing how much we do not know about the depth of this strange world. Practicing on the machine learning is abstracting the unimaginable capacity of the computer and put them to service of mankind in different sphere of knowledge. See you next week

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