Taking out time for medical care of spouse

When we are immersed in work or engaged in some kind of challenge we generally do not get time to look after the family members. It is not good. We must invariably take out some time for ourselves and our family. This not only refreshes but also instill confidence in what we do. We do not have to repeat jobs and generally we are less prone to commit mistakes. I have given up all my engagement to give time for the knee surgery of my wife. Though not voluntarily but due to the forced situation I have taken out time for the medical attendance of my wife this not only has refreshened me to the extant I could not have experienced otherwise. After a weeks gap I will come back to my routine. Revising basics will be the best filler in between the free time I guess.

Doing this with a heavy heart

To day I am finally deleting my well crafted close to my heart, my first website "myfirstblogspot.com" on AWS. I spent lot of time to get my own domain name of choice and started static website using route53 and cloud distribution. Though a static website it was beautiful. It is the law of nature, to write some thing new you must wipe out the slate. I also have a website "pleasurewebsite.com" on django framework which I am using for personal blog. Though not popular at all but I get tremendous satisfaction talking to my self while writing the blog. I know that it is never an easy job to build a website on your own specially when your back ground is not CS and staring computer from scratch at later part of your life .

A Drop is Worth than an Ocean

The world is infinite. The database, the code, the logic and the ways to implement them is also infinite. I am talking about those stand alone learners who go on completing one after another courses or videos only to see that there are still lot to learn. There must be some aim to learn. If you are learning for enjoyment that's ok. Mostly only to learn without implementing it to actual world problem may not be so much fulfilling. You must have a clear aim what you want to achieve or what problem you want to solve. Take a project and start working and learning to complete your project. While doing so you will not only learn you will also have a sense of satisfaction. However for taking off one must have a basic understanding of few area or subject matter which is common to all. So it is a good idea to start with basics of data structure, computer architecture, a basic language (I prefer "C", html, JavaScript along with basics of git, github and linux command) and than start with a small project go on increasing the complexity as your knowledge grows. Learning to code is like building a house - it's important to start with a solid foundation and work on each brick at a time, rather than trying to build the entire house in one go. So keep in mind mastering the basics and building a strong foundation can be more beneficial than trying to tackle complex concepts all at once. World is infite so is the world of Computer Science: Web Site building, Developing Applications, Game, AI, ML, Data Science, Internet of Things, Cloud and what not. They are all different world in their own. So start with a small step and focus on basics and then you will be able to see your path beyond horizon.


1-git remote add origin https://github.com/<git-user>/<repository-name>.git #make a connection with remote 2-git push -u origin main #rename local master to main branch 3-git push -u origin main # push code to remote Django for beginners at google books: https://www.google.co.in/books/edition/_/GVxwDwAAQBAJ?hl=en&gbpv=1&pg=PP1 Few link to practice and learn django https://docs.djangoproject.com/ https://tutorial.djangogirls.org/ https://realpython.com/ https://djangoforbeginners.com/ https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-django

Not so pleased---miles to walk ahead

I am not feeling so great even after completing my "django for every one" course. I completed the course in online environment. It seems the course policy is such that maximum number of students can complete the course. The easy way does not impart on the learners capabilities to solve practical challenges. How ever it depends on the student how sincerely he completes the course. I adopted path of least resistance. So my way ahead is not easy. I have to develop further skills. May be I will revisit the course. The course and the way it is taught is excellent but the passing these course is relatively easy. I am now busy scanning through the book "Two scoops of Django" and "Django for beginners". It is worth having a reference book like this.

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