I am sure if you are reading this post you must be puzzled with the title of this strange looking word. But for some it reminds of great treasure of love and affection. The word gets its true meaning how they are applied. Tinkanana was a lean and thin personality in his seventies when he was naturally adored by this title by cute looking group of children just learned to walk and speak. Its a different story that those little ones are now standing tall in their respective fields in new world full of challenges. Back to the story of Tinkanana, for some he was grandfather, for some he was affectionate loving father. Coming from an old village in Narayanganj (Now in Bangladesh, at that time undivided India ) way back in 1920 a flamboyant kid of 10 years full of energy with nothing to loose, playing in open ground of the village, swimming in the ponds, riding on back of buffaloes, some times jumping down to the river from a branch of the tree leaning to wards the inflating river at its bank, at times fled away from home and coming back with a wide smile on his face. This kid while enjoying life to its full also completed schooling and came through with flying colors in math's from Sonergaon GR Institute Dacca, Bengal Academy Anglo-Vernacular High School. I wonder how a village educated boy could have developed such a professionally high writing skill, I still have an old letter, the handwriting speaks so much about the education of old time. Continuing his journey in life destiny brought him to Rangoon, where Tinkanana's father Bhuvan Mohan Chowdhury was posted as station master( You may be wondering how come there came railway line in 1928 yes it was there in British India ). He completed his Civil Engineering Diploma Course from Government Technical Institute Insein, Government of Burma. When I think of it how they could have gathered courage and confidence to move to a far off place to get education from an unknown far off village to a renowned city. Then there came the ill-fated shadow of war during war time 1941-42 he was posted in Burma PWD. It was a hard time to work in aerodrome and work day and night to facilitate landing and taking off fighter planes. The army has to retreat, with that came the great journey to save life with two kids and family. We at this age can not even think of hardship and trauma of war time. Escaping from Burma to India was not easy involved land forest and part of journey on streamer in engulfing waves of Bay of Bengal. It was a miracle that Tinkanana and family survived this journey of life and death and securely bringing back not only his family, and all dependents solely securely to the land mass of main land India. Here it was a new challenge to feed a large group of family with cousins in-laws. Tinkanana being the eldest and ablest naturally took the new challenge. It rarely seen in this new social setup of all the convenience, the culture of joint family, joint responsibility and helping out looking after all equally. It was a span of about 4-10 years that took Tinkanas family to settle down. It must be 1948 family came to Akaltara then to Bilaspur and settled down there. He got posted as overseer in MP PWD. The family was now secure and could hope and work hard to get to a promising future. The journey of Tinkanana was a journey of fighting to the end, as he started as a kid with a thought of losing nothing, I think the root of all the great achievements lies in this mentality throw your self as there is nothing to loose and come up with treasure if the almighty wishes so. After all in this age of abundance and knowledge the inquisitive instinct of man kind have lead us to install James Webb Space telescope to see deep in to unknown past, I find similarity to its journey with that of Tinkanan. He is no more with us but the memory of his courage, devotion and do-or-die spirit will continue to inspire us all.

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What is Django? "Django is easy to use high-level Python web framework that enables rapid development of secure and maintainable websites. Built by experienced developers, Django takes care of much of the hassle of web development, so you can focus on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel. It is free and open source, has a thriving and active community, great documentation, and many options for free and paid-for support. Django follows the "Batteries included" philosophy and provides almost everything developers might want to do "out of the box". Because everything you need is part of the one "product", it all works seamlessly together, follows consistent design principles, and has extensive and up-to-date documentation." ...(MDN) Django Blog is a free platform to share your ideas across the world. We invite you use and take advantage of the free and secure web site of your own. We shall be including Video Embedding to this site shortly. Growth of this site depends on your participation.

Man Is Slave Of Circumstances

This week I passed through a turbulent situation. It has been a hard time to find a balance between traditional culture and youth. Both are right in there own perspective. But the prudent being is one who makes his way finding a balance between the two. We are in the age where body and mind tend to part with each other. We fail to see or feel the world as youth sees it. At the same time youth is completely unaware of the limitations and insecurity that old generation landed them selves due to mental and physicals weakness. All we pray that the decisions made by the young are far sighted and safe. We should trust in almighty and hope future will be bright and bring peace and prosperity to all.

Recovered lost django site

I am very pleased to get back my django blog site. I reinstalled the server by repeating whole process by watching CoreyShafer's video on django deployment. Each and every word of the video is 100% correct. I have rarely seen video made with so much care and dedication. I am a novice still I could complete this project (some what difficult to complete if you loss concentration). Big Thanks to corey Schafer. Link: https://coreyms.com/development/python/python-django-tutorials-full-series

First Blog

The learning is an enjoyment. Moreover if you enjoy more you will learn more. And if you learn more you enjoy more To day I am writing about ternary operator in python. How it writes a code in a single line instead of writing 4- 5 lines of code. ✔ Consider a if statement : ##CODE## condition = True if condition: ....x = 1 else: ....x=0 print(x) ##endcode## Above code can be rewritten in python as : x=1 if condition else 0 print(x) ✌ Some times it is difficult to read large numbers we can use '_' without effecting the result num1 = 10000000000 num2 = 100000000 total = num1 + num2 print(total) num1 = 10_000_000_000 num2 = 10_000_000 total = num1 + num2 print(total) Both the code will give same result irrespective of placing an '_' in between If we want result to be formatted with '_' separator we can do so as: print(f'{total: ,}') *************************************** ::actvating venv in windows:: python3 -m venv venv venv\Scripts\activate.bat :::Building todo app indjango::: pip install django django-admin startproject todo cd todo python manage.py runserver ctr c python manage.py migrate python manage.py createsuperuser username email password password python manage.py runserver # Open website at local server # Enter username and password and we can ligin as user created # ctrl C to go to cmd prompt python manage.py startapp tasks # in sttings.py file add 'tasks' in installed_app # view.py from def index(requests): return HttpResponse('Hello World') create urls.py file in tasks tasks/urls.py from django.urls import path from . import views urlpatterns = [ path('', views.index) ] #in todo/urls.py file todo/urls.py from django.urls import path, include urlpatterns = [ .......... path('', include('tasks.urls') ] # In cmd prompt python manage.py runserver # local host at 8000 will serve views.py file # create folder templates in tasks folder and then create a tasks folder in templates ie >> tasks/templates/tasks make a file list.html in tasks folder templates/tasks/list.html <h3>To Do</h3> # models.py from django.db import models class = Task(models.Model): ........title = models.CharField(max_length = 200) ........complete = models.BooleanField(default = False) ........created = models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add = True) ........def __str__(self): ..............return self.title # Make migration and migrate #in commd prompt python manage.py makemigrations python manage.py migrate # Register in admin so that we access Task from admin admin.py from .models import * admin.site.register(Task) ##Goto admin panel add tasks #views.py from . models import * def index(request): ....tasks = Task.objects.all() ....context = {'tasks' : 'tasks'} ....return render(request, 'task/list.html', context) #task/list.html <h3>To Do</h3> {% for task in tasks %} ....<div> ......<p>{{ task }}</p> ....<div> {% endfor %}

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