Neural network

After completing my Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification I am now starting Neural Network from this week. I will try to make my personal notes on this site. I want to share the fact that, while taking up the course I realized that the mental agility and memory is reduced drastically. You can measure your ability when you are challenged. Working in public utility company in comfort of my office rendered me worthless. I have now found a new purpose of living but a bit late, I am at present in my late sixties. How ever I target to complete all the three courses of Prof Andrew Young including deep learning through coursera plateform. Earlier I completed part of the syllabus working with Octave (A kind similar to MatLab) which let me concentrate fully on the Machine Learning with less stress on coding, but later I found that Python is a must as mostly all practical problem is dealt using Python more over Python has great tools for data analysis like Pandas, Numpy, Mtplotlib, Scikit-learn etc. This led me to take up a course on Python (Python For Every body by Charles Severlence) and a youtube course of Corey Schafer on Python and Django. It induced in me a fresh interest towards Python including web scraping using RE tools. Let me see how far can I complete neural network. 29-8-2022 I could complete another 4 week course on advanced algorithm on neural network. I sincerely admit that completing the course is only knowing how much we do not know about the depth of this strange world. Practicing on the machine learning is abstracting the unimaginable capacity of the computer and put them to service of mankind in different sphere of knowledge. See you next week